24 April: What a lot has happened in only a few months. We had our meeting in Copenhagen last week which was very good and Anthony got two awards and I got a promotion to Grand Croix, which was very moving indeed. Then the total excitement of bringing Vincent the Newfoundland puppy down to live with us. He is already getting big at 8Kg, and has a long, long way to go to reach his full size, but it will not be long! A trip to the vet on Tuesday was a bit distressing for me to see him getting an injection and I was struggling to speak in the surgery afterwards. I am glad Anthony was there to hold my hand! 

Growing up with Vincent

We have had quite a few visitors in the last weeks, Wee Cath and her lovely children, James and Margaret, Kev Mayo and Adam arrived on the same day. We have both noticed how quiet the house is without visitors, and the week after MiL and Ken left was very strange indeed. The weekend Kev and Adam were here we had a night out in Pitlochry which was a laugh indeed. Great Ska band in the Old Mill as we dined and then a wee pub-crawl through the highs and lows of the town.

Anthony got accepted unconditionally to UHI, so that is all very exciting indeed and a new turn for him and his life. He is down in London Village this week visiting his aunt and out to Clan Hewson by the seaside, so it is an adventure for him. 

I have been really busy with work and it looks to be a very busy late spring and early summer for me, but that is all  well and good.

Here are some images of our areaOut and about in the new Domain.

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And here are some images of the garden

IMG 5256

First Week in Killiecrankie: Arrived in Scotland in a F9 gale, then snow, then rain. Nothing much new there then! House is even more fabulous than we remembered, and we found an additional toilet on the Saturday that we did not know we had! Last week we spent a day in Edinburgh, with the highlight for me, but not for Anthony, being five hours in Jean Louis store, buying in multiples and bulk. I loved it. Also bought my first ever car, as did Anthony and his Banana arrives on 10th Feb. Everyone in Scotland will recognise him now!

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IMG 5184

10 Jan: Now well into January and in a matter of weeks we will be on the way to the new house. A bit of a change of plans in that the vendor wants us to complete the day before, so we have arranged with the buyer of No62 to complete a day early. I hope it all goes smoothly! We had a visitor on Wednesday, the most beautiful 6’ tall woman we have ever seen to do the survey for the removal company. She was absolutely stunning and we were all giggly. I guess that even the gayers can appreciate a gorgeous woman! Very busy at work just now, but at least the very early starts have come to an end for a while. Last night I spent my time very productively creating a Wish List on John Lewis’ site to remind me of what we still have to buy for the new address. Anthony was amazed at the cost of things, but I am sure he will get over it. Every day I keep changing my mind about what car we REALLY need for the weather and terrain up in Bonnie Scotland, but at least Anthony has remained focused on his banana-car, having had a personal tour of one in the Asda car park in Broughty Ferry at Christmas time! Excitement at work this week as I arranged tickets for my monthly visits to work, and now have my dates through to May. I will be a train-setter rather than a jet-setter for these visits!

01 Jan: After more than 20 New Year celebrations in London, I finally made it to the Parade! Click image for more.

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