My Clan

Too many years ago a dear friend of mine showed me how to differentiate between "Blood Family" and "Family of Choice".

Well here are both of mine.

Jenny ruled the roost from the Maximum Security Twighlight Home in Glasgow. So far the Police have not caught up with her past but the court case has to be imminent. She never really got over the mystery of what happened to Mary, and died in July 2009.

Sadly missed by evertone...

Mary is still in Milton of Campsie and getting better every day from the kidney transplant and a FANTASTIC evening gown purchased by her darling brother a few weeks before this was taken!

Mary was taken from us on 13 November 2008.

I miss her so much

Chosen Family

UK Branch

Anthony looks set to take me off the Spinny Shelf at long last, before the Bloom of Youth completely fades. What a nice chap!
Adam is club promoter extra-ordinaire and with his finger on the pulse of what we like to do this will keep us happy for a while longer. All those whiskies and diet Coke keep the local bars well supplied.
TimC is moved in once he came back from his Far East Tour in September 2004. What a great time we have had since then!
Miles is such a nice guy, repairing, making and being supervised. Everyone should have one!
Richard The Mighty Wah! so rightly put it "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory, Don't Try".  
Then there is Lady Flora Deerestalker of that Ilk. Has a small estate in Edinburgh. We have been friends since 1985. Has a fantastic address book with over 32,000,000 addresses. State visits to London mean that she gets a mention from time to time. AKA Arthur.  
Simpy is one of my oldest friends. We met in the SECC in 1985 and have been not only work colleagues there but also at MMS International, where he came for three months and stayed for three years to work. Has a parrot called Darling. AKA Sean.  
Commodore McBride, RN (Ret) and le Compte de la Veuve Clicqot Enragee are not only good friends but neighbours now too. Have looked after me from time to time and are fantastic cat-sitters. AKA Stephen and Francois.  
Mrs. Blair and PO GovnorX. Part of the Scottish Posse. Always guaranteed a fantastic night out when they are around. Mrs B has been around since 1989 and PO is a later but very welcome addition since the late 1990's. AKA Allan and Stuart.  
Of course there are the Strawberry Dip Girlz in Glasgow whom I have known since 1984. Some married, some living in Harmony (not the hairspray I hasten to add!) Caroline with George and her lovely family of George and Laura.  
Vero in Chocolate Land I met in the Andersonian Library on the second floor when we had desks close to each other and we became great friends from then onwards. I even went to see her in Hamburg in 1995 where we went to see Lloyd Cole and the Commotions in concert in the freezing cold - proving forever that I am a good friend! She has finally trapped a man and now sports a solitaire set in platinum (my favourite metal) leaving me as the sole Spinny of the Parish... I shall be meeting up with her for the first time in ages in Brighton-Sur-Mer so that will be a weekend worth writing about!.  

Overseas Branch

Helen. What can I say about her. She has made me the person I am today ever since that conversation under the Glasgow Herald in 1983. She is the one to blame. Currently annoying the locals in Vienna, Austria.

Lynn, who sorted me out in the late 1980's, allowed me to visit and spoke to me about where and what life is all about. Still remembered in my secret place. He is conducting in Chicago, Il.

Editor Fiona. Still looking after me although she is in Upside down Olympic City Sydney. Was MMS International Office Manager in the mid 1990's. Keeping her eyes peeled on her London Boyz.