Welcomed Reviewer Comments

Trying on a new bonnet in Barra, on 10th June 2008


Anthony leaves Barra Traigh Mhor airfield and flies to Glasgow on the 9th June 2008



Barra 2008
Afternoon tea party

Simon Smith says:

"Wow, George and I very much liked that one... certainly better than the gardening one or beauty treatments one, which was mildly disturbing on many levels."

Cousin Kevin says:

"Loving your work. Delia watch out."

How to make a Birthday Cake Part 1

Fiona, Sydney, says:

"Darling, nobody, and I mean nobody, in the whole world sifts sugar. Find me one single person who does and I will gladly apologise"

Bootch Buns

Fiona, Sydney, says;

"When I called you butch on the road to Key West, I had no idea you put a doilie under your cake"

Christmas Message to the World
Beauty Tips With Georgie, Part One
Gardening With Georgie, Part One
Cooking With Georgie, Part Two  

George's Review of New York so far...

How to make a cheese sauce

Simon Smith says:
"You cooking a cheese sauce... please, I would rather stick pins in my eyes. Make them a bit more racy.... dramatic..... It's like Thora hird reading Alan Bennett"

"Yes, enjoyed your cooking film, but the angle wasn't at the optimum level for capturing all the action, but besides that, your style came across as very natural and not shockingly camp"

Editor - "Out in the City"

"You definitely need to go to get out and go to the Caribbean after I
just went to your website and saw your podcast on HOW TO MAKE A CHEESE SAUCE. Delia, you should be locked up for that! God help us all if you do one on HOW TO MAKE PUMPKIN SOUP."

FJT, my "friend " from Sydney

Is this working yet?

It seems to be!

Kitty Christmas

Have not turned the volume up on the Marshall Amp, but not bad for a second attempt!

My hobby and I on a Sunday afternoon

My First Video Podcast