Flora, Countess Deerestalker of that Ilk has kept up a correspondence with her old school chum, Bunty Smythson, of the Derbyshire Smython's, since leaving school in 1950.   She used to sit in her own right in the House of Lords, having inherited Chief of the Clan Deere from her brother in 1975, and has been much put out by, as she calls it, "The Reforms" where she lost her right to sit.   Her husband, Sir Hector Hugens, Bt. has inherited a huge estate which is doing rather well in NE Scotland.   Her friend Bunty, however, has not done so well.   As the third daughter of minor gentlemen farmers, she has spent the last years in gainful employment as a companion to a succession of ancient dowagers and lives in London at present.   Like many of her age and situation, she has never married.