Made it to Sydney.

Finally got to Australia having missed the connection in Dubai. A four hour stay in a hotel left room for reading and showers so I was ready to take on the final leg of the journey. I had a sleep on the plane for a few hours and woke up as the map display showed we were over Australia, north of Perth. However the bad news according to the calculators on screen was that we were still three and a half ours from Sydney. This is a big country indeed!
Fiona is on fine form, they are all freezing to death here as it is a low 17C. I think the blue skies are lovely as are the puffy clouds. Paid a visit to my Wee Jean last night in her Maximum Security Twilight Home. She was on great form.
Some events tomorrow and then relaxing for the rest of my time here, with visits for home cooking on the cards next week!